Water Testing

Regulated Drinking Water Testing Info
The Healthy Abode Inc. offers water testing in accordance with Ontario Drinking Water Standards.
Our third party laboratory is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment for specific parameters as requited by the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act and its associated regulations.

The Issue & Potential Sources
Water testing is useful in such situations as testing drinking water in residential or commercial buildings.  Water contaminants can come from the water source itself or the pipes that it runs through.

Water testing
The Healthy Abode Inc. is able to test for many different water concerns, including testing for heavy metals including lead and mercury, various bacteria including E. Coli and Total Coliform, Legionella and many other potential concerns. Please contact for specific concerns.

Our Comprehensive Water Testing and Reports
Reports are typically presented to the client in 5 business days from the day of sampling although faster turnaround times are available.