Indoor Air Quality Report

Indoor Air Quality Report

At The Healthy Abode Inc. we provide comprehensive and approved Indoor Air Quality Assessments / Reports for commercial spaces including government buildings, work places, warehouses, factories and other indoor working environments.

A typical Indoor Air Quality Report would include representative real-time monitoring of the following environmental parameters CO, CO2, O2, TVOC, Temp, RH, Particulates as well as Water Testing for both Lead Content and Bacteria (E. Coli and Total Coliform.)



Workplace Exposure Assessment

A workplace exposure assessment is a critical means of preventing unacceptable employee exposures to hazardous agents in the workplace.

The outcomes of the workplace exposure assessment will determine the priority for additional data collection and refinement of the likely exposure scenarios and recommend control strategies if required.



Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Procedures

The basic concept of the indoor air quality monitoring study is to measure a series of comfort and environmental variables in selected locations for a single day. Available resources allow for a complete set of environmental samples to be collected each area.



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